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Diabetes Sites

  • There is a tonne of clips on You Tube about how to inject your diabetic cat - useful if you are wanting to check your technique and can't get to your vets. This particular clip is American.
  • Also based in England, this web site tells the story of Brian and his beautiful cat, Susie. Susie has been diabetic for about five years, and this site is a useful collection of their experiences to date. There’s sections on treatment, monitoring and some excellent information on insulin.
  • Even though www.vetinfo.com no longer takes questions from subscribers, they have kindly made previously asked questions and answers are available online. This site covers a range of illnesses and behaviours in both cats and dogs, and this link goes straight to the cats and diabetes questions. You might find a question that is similar to the question you want answered.
  • Although the Feline Diabetes Website is based in America it is used by people all over the world. You can sign up and ask questions too, or just chat and learn from other owners of diabetic cats. Don’t forget to divide their blood sugar readings by 18!
  • Just for a giggle check out Sugarcats.com. You wouldn’t think it possible, but this is the lighter side of diabetes! Apparently somebody discovered that it was illegal for people in England to blood test their cats. In a joking effort to avoid capture and jail people and their pets adopted aliases and the "secret agent" idea was born. I’ve since read that it’s only illegal if you don’t have permission from your vet, but this site is nonetheless entertaining and informative.

Reference Sites: Diabetes

  • How cats with diabetic neuropathy standI found Laurie and Jasper’s website very helpful for information on methylcobalamin. We used this to treat diabetic neuropathy in Paris, and I noticed an improvement in his legs after about four weeks. Paris weighed about 4.5kg at the time and was on 3mg of methylcobalamin a day. Neuropathy might be an issue for you if your diabetic cat is walking with more of the legs on the ground than is normal. It seems to be quite common in newly diagnosed cats, or cats who aren’t regulated yet.
  • Cat’s Protection have compiled a list of people who are already looking after diabetic cats who are willing to talk to "newcomers". Coping with a diabetic cat can seem like a daunting prospect and it can be very reassuring to talk to someone who has been through the process. Anyone wishing to have a copy of the register should write to:
    National Cat Centre Veterinary Clinic
    Chelwood Gate
    East Sussex
    RH17 7TT
    Telephone: 01825 741 340
    Fax: 08707 708 232

    Alternatively, Use this link to send your name and address to Cats Protection and they’ll post the Register to you.
  • This page on the Pet Diabetes website is a great reference about insulin, including types and duration. Do note it’s an American site, and some insulins with the same name are different between countries. (For example UK PZI insulin is 100% beef, USA PZI insulin is not)

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Blood Testing Sites

All these blood testing web-sites are American, so any blood glucose figures quoted need dividing by 18 to get the UK/internatiional equivalent.

  • Detailed description of home blood testing on an ear, with a fantastically clear picture of the marginal ear vein you’re aiming for! On the excellent Pet Diabetes website.
  • From the Feline Diabetes.com website, a general “how to” information on home blood testing with stories from other owners. No pictures but useful narratives.
  • Detailed and informative “how I do it” from Bob about his cat, Simon. I have written to Bob in the past when it looked like Tatty would be going onto three shots per day, as Simon was already on three. This is Simon’s own website.
  • Thank God for You Tube is all I can say, heaps of blood testing movies! Don’t forget that if you watch an America clip, you need to divide their blood sugar readings by 18 to get the English equivalent.
  • Susan (who made this video) and I were members of the same pet diabetes mailing list while she was qualifying as a vet. Now she’s fully qualified I think it’s wonderful to see a vet not only advocating home testing but showing how it’s done!
  • An alterative blood testing method, on your cat’s paw - no pictures of the procedure but pretty detailed wording. Again, from the Pet Diabetes website. I tried this method - once. It did not work for me at all. This method worries me because, having made a hole in your cat’s foot, they then walk on it (or in their litter tray) and I am concerned about infections. I found I could not get a blood drop from a cat’s foot, and they were severely miffed about being restrained and flipped upside down while I tried! But, it obviously works for some, so it’s up to you.

Renal Failure Sites

  • A great reference guide to kidney failure is Tanya’s site, with an excellent listing of symptoms, causes and treatments. Based in England so products have their UK names.
  • From an American site, Emma’s Top 13 Weapons in the Fight Against CRF is worth reading. It could well give you and your vet some ideas if you get a bit stuck sometimes. The number of cats and the range of conditions this owner is dealing with is mind blowing.
  • The Pet Diabetes website is always a useful reference, and this section goes into diabetes in conjunction with kidney failure.

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Supplies and Suppliers

  • I get my Slippery Elm Bark tablets from Applejacks The Health Shop. They are based in London and you can call them on (0208) 519 5809. Although they have a website, I’ve never known it to work!. Slippery Elm Tablets are to combat nausea and ease digestion for kidney failure.
  • Update December 2004: Slippery Elm Bark tablets are now available from Holland and Barrett. You can order from their website if you don’t live near to a store.
  • Special diabetic cat collars from Kitty CollarsFor cat collars which highlight your cat’s condition and give contact details, try Kitty Collars. These are nice soft collars with break away clasps in case your cat gets stuck somewhere. Telephone Kitty Collars on 01983 200-201. or visit their website.
  • Used to combat diabetic neuropathy, you can get methylcobalamin from Health Monthly based in Jersey. Mike wrote to tell me that they deliver in about five days to the UK. Thanks for writing Mike!
  • I use www.vetmedic.co.uk for a number of supplies. They’re not necessarily cheaper than anywhere else, but they’re quick and it’s easier to have supplies delivered to my front door. They have insulin syringes (make sure you get the right size!) and a range of other supplies you might need, that aren’t related to diabetes. They also offer to deliver Hills and Pedigree specialist food to your door. I have not tried this facility but it may be worth checking out.
  • Glucogel, formerly known as Hypostop GelGlucogel, formerly known as Hypostop Gel, is available online at www.glucogel.co.uk. I recommend that you always have some handy just in case of hypoglycaemic episodes. I would get the original, not the berry flavoured!
  • Holland and Barrett health food shops in England sell cranberry extract capsules. If you are looking for cranberry powder, used to treat cystitis, you can get it from this website if you're in England (thanks Pia) or alternatively American readers might be interested to hear about this website sent to me by Sheila.

Reference Sites: General

  • If you’re dealing with diabetes insipidus rather than diabetes mellitus this page on the Pet Diabetes site may be useful. Diabetes insipidus is a much rarer disease than diabetes mellitus. Although they’re completely different illnesses one can be confused with the other initially as they present with many of the same symptoms of excessive drinking and excessive urination. Diabetes insipidus is caused by an anti-diuretic hormone imbalance. It’s a permanent but very treatable condition.

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