Other Cats’ Tails!

Real-life stories of cats (and their owners!) and how they are dealing with diabetes. Just click a picture to read their story.

I am extremely grateful to the people and pets shown here for sharing their stories with me, and for allowing me to publish them on this site. Thank you all so much. If you too are caring for a diabetic cat, please send me your story, I would love to add you to this list!

Half the inspiration for this website and my own beautiful Little Man, Paris is the reason that I know anything at all about diabetes.

Click Paris’ picture to read about half the inspiration for this site

The other half of this site’s inspiration, and one of the few female diabetic cats I know, I sometimes think that Tokyo became diabetic just to prove to me that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew!

Click to read the story of a truly contrary cat!

We have a celebrity in our midst! Meet Leo, a finalist in the Cat's Protection League's ‘Rescue Cat Of The Year 2010’ award!

Click to read Leo's story.

Diagnosed diabetic in September 2009, meet Gizmo, who is called Gizmo, Gizz, or Gizzy, depending on how much trouble he's in!

Click to read Gizmo's story.

As at June 2007, Oscar has been diabetic for an incredible nine years. Seventeen year old Oscar (or the Old Bear as his owner Jane calls him) is an star!

Click to read about Oscar’s interesting dietary habits!

Meet the gorgeous Aggi, a rescue cat. Aggi is one of a number of diabetic cats that just won't regulate. Here's how her owner, Steph coped.

Click to read about Aggi, the diabetic cat that wouldn't regulate

Daisy is about twelve years old and has lived with Dave and Jan for three years, after they found her languishing in the re-homing section of the local Cat's Protection League

Click to read the story of an old and grumpy rescue cat!

Ola Merlin! All the way from Barcelona, Enrique writes about his nine year old cat, Merlin.

the story of a diabetic Spanish cat, Merlin

Keeper was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of 2004. Click to read about how he got his unusual name, and how he’s getting to grips with his condition.

Click his picture to read Keeper’s story

This is Jazz, a cat of good, strong, Lancastrian stock, diagnosed with diabetes in October 2007

Click this picture to read Jazz’s story

This is Melita and her brother, Othello. Melita was diagnosed diabetic in May 2007.

Click this picture to read Melita’s story

Jazz is an astonishing 19 years old, and has lived successfully with diabetes for four years.

A contented Jazz enjoying some afternoon sun. You can read his story by clicking his picture.

Rocky is a handsome 12 year old who lives in Luton with other felines named after characters in the Rocky Horror Picture show, and his Mum Cheryl.

Click Rocky’s photo to read extracts from his diary!

Meet Toffee, enjoying a quiet afternoon snooze. This 15 year old rescue cat made a very smart choice when he chose Kim as his new owner!

click Toffee’s picture to read his full story

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